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Take Heed That No Man Deceive You

This week’s Lesson Sermon Subject: Unreality

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Morning Prayers

Open my eyes, that I may see
glimpses of truth you have for me;
place in my hands the wonderful key
that shall unlock and set me free.
Silently now, on bended knee,
ready I wait your will to see;
open my eyes, illumine me,
Spirit divine!

Open my ears, that I may hear
voices of truth you send so clear;
and while the message sounds in my ear,
everything false will disappear.
Silently now, on bended knee,
ready I wait your will to see;
open my ears, illumine me,
Spirit divine!

Open my mouth, and let me bear
gladly the warm truth everywhere;
open my heart, and let me prepare
love with your children thus to share.
Silently now, on bended knee,
ready I wait your will to see;
open my heart, illumine me,
Spirit divine!

by Clara H. Scott (1895)

Discussion points

177 — WATCH that you remind yourself every day that the action of Truth is always to preserve reality, and to destroy unreality. Then you will know that, when the action of divine Love seems evil to you, it is because you are still identifying yourself with unreality.

The furnace destroys the dross, and refines or liberates the gold. If you ally yourself with the dross, the action of Truth must seem evil to you. If, however, you identify yourself with good, you know the action of good to be always blessed, since it is freeing the spiritual idea in you.

This watching point defines the wrath of God as the blessed action of Truth destroying unreality, seeming to be wrathful only to those who love and cling to unreality.

Mrs. Eddy instructs us to declare ourselves and others to be spiritual and immortal, and to understand that we are so. In this way we escape the ordeal of going through the illusion of destruction, along with the dross of error. We identify ourselves with what we believe to be real. To see error in another as real is to identify ourselves with it.

Golden Text — “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” — Acts 20 : 3

In complying with civil law in founding the Church, Mrs. Eddy was not attempting to establish a permanent thing in what she herself taught was unreal. She was merely being guided by divine Mind to make her organization earthquake proof, to establish it so firmly that no phenomenon of mortal mind or matter could overthrow it. She was placing it in the temple of mortal mind in such a place, that as one stone after another is torn down by Science, the Church would endure until the end of mortality. Science shows that both the body and the disease on the body are unreal. Yet in tearing down the illusion of mortality, we deny and eliminate the disease first.

Mrs. Eddy wanted her Church to be as permanent in its human manifestation as the body, or fundamental claim of mortality; not be like a disease on the body, which is moved off before the claim of matter itself is destroyed. The church militant may be In the last analysis an unreal concept, but it serves a good purpose in Christian Science. Therefore, it should be made as permanent as the last demonstration to be made In tearing down the temple of matter, so that It will remain until the end of mortal illusion. Mrs. Eddy wrote that the church must be properly chartered, and the whole proceeding be made strictly legal. She knew that the laws of our country are foundational.

Thus if the Christian Science Church in its human expression is supported by the Constitution of the United States of America, it has the greatest chance of perpetuity of anything man-made. It will remain until the last stone of the temple is torn down. Once a typhoon swept over a tropical Island. The only survivors were natives who clung to the oldest and largest trees. Those who took refuge in the church, which was built of stone, were drowned! Mrs. Eddy selected the most enduring thing that our country has produced, – namely, its Constitution, – for her Cause to cling to. This will be the last belief to be overcome; and the world will be ready for spiritual freedom, when demonstration has been carried that far.

— from Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Precepts, 2, by Gilbert Carpenter

A young student calls all affliction dark, and struggles to overcome it, just as he calls all harmony demonstration. He has not yet learned that the most deterring phase of animal magnetism is that which presents itself as human harmony, or human good, because it would seek to make mortals so happy in hell, that they have no interest in heaven. The following parody illustrates this contrast between human evil and human good:

It is easy enough to fight,
When the devil frowns and is vile;
But the man with might,
Is the man who can fight
When the devil comes with a smile.”

— from Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Precepts, 2, by Gilbert Carpenter

Pleasures of Sense vs. Pangs of Sense

In his mortal agonies, Job’s wife tempted him, saying: ‘Dost thou still retain thine integrity? Curse God and die,’ but Job resisted this temptation of evil and rebuked his wife. Hereby we learn that Adam’s estate in error — where the senses were supposed to supply him only pleasure — was more subtle than the pains of sense to mislead mortals. [Adam] yielded to the temptations of the flesh and thereby lost a sense of harmony; he had never possessed its science, while through the pangs of sense Job was instructed and made able to resist the temptations of evil.

— from a Sermon, Key to Job, Mary Baker Eddy, 1887

Forum post — “Art thou he that troubleth Israel?” by Joanne from FL

For years our home had been a habitation of discord. My husband was a drunkard, and had frequently caused me very serious injuries when under the influence of drink. Finally he found it impossible to live with me, and left me saying he would never return. This caused me to be penni­less, and at the time of which I write my only possessions were a pot of beer and the rags in which I was clad. My bed, furniture, and clothing had been sold or pawned to buy drink. The house in which I lived was empty, and although it was winter time I had neither food nor fire. My relatives and neighbors shunned me; and my loneliness and misery were such that I had tried to end my life, but had been prevented. Surely it would be difficult to picture a more hopeless creature than I was.

That was my condition when a lady, who I afterwards found was a Christian Science practitioner, knocked at my door to make some inquiry. She did not know me, and knew nothing of my plight, but at once saw that I was ill; and her comforting remarks caused me to tell her my tale of woe, which I concluded by saying that no one cared for me. My visitor instantly replied: “But God cares for you, and I care for you. God is your Father and your Mother, and He loves you just as He loves us all. He supplies all your needs, and gives you health and happiness.” At that moment all crav­ing for drink left me, and I was healed physically and morally. I was conscious of a sense of love and peace and hope that I had never known before. The lady asked if I would pour out the pot of beer; and I immediately did so, having no desire for it. She then purchased a supply of food and clothing for me, and left me until the following day, when my husband returned home.

He told me that on the previous day, when about to enter a beer house, he felt that he could not go in, and found that all desire for drink had left him, and he suddenly longed to return home. He was astonished to find me changed into a happy woman, healed of all my sickness as well as of the drink and tobacco habits. Neither of us has ever touched drink from that day to this, and it is now six and a half years since we were healed. Though my husband was twenty miles away, he was healed at the same time and as quickly as I myself, and his character was also instantly reformed. I am now a well woman, leading a normal and happy life. My husband, relatives, and friends are all restored to me, and our home is now one of peace, harmony, and love. Every day brings joy and happiness. God is our only Physician, and on two occasions my husband has been quickly healed of sickness.

I know that it is divine Love, revealed through Chris­tian Science, which has done so much for me, and I daily read the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s works, and I also attend the Christian Science services. I trust that my life will show my gratitude to Him who brought me out of bondage “into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” – (Mrs.) Sarah Ellen Walker, Todmorden, Yorkshire, England.

— from the Christian Science Sentinel, March 24th, 1928

Establish: To set and fix firmly. To settle or fix what is wavering, doubtful or weak; to confirm.

— from 1828 Webster’s Dictionary

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

— Plainfield Roundtable

Adam, the synonym for error, stands for a belief of material mind. He begins his reign over man somewhat mildly, but he increases in falsehood and his days become shorter. In this development, the immortal, spiritual law of Truth is made manifest as forever opposed to mortal, material sense.

— from Science and Health, 1910, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 529

Resisting evil, you overcome it and prove its nothingness. Not human platitudes, but divine beatitudes, reiniquity fleet the spiritual light and might which heal overcome the sick. The exercise of will brings on a hypnotic state, detrimental to health and integrity of thought. This must therefore be watched and guarded against. Covering iniquity will prevent prosperity and the ultimate triumph of any cause. Ignorance of the error to be eradicated oftentimes subjects you to its abuse.

— from Science and Health, 1910, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 446

Definitioin – Animal magnetism is starting a belief and getting others to fear it. until evil is done to those that hold the belief and a law is made, and the error goes on gaining ground until the serpent becomes a dragon.

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, the “Blue Book,” by Mary Baker Eddy, page 103

Self-ignorance, self-will, self-righteousness, lust, covetousness, envy, revenge, are foes to grace, peace, and progress; they must be met manfully and overcome, or they will uproot all happiness. Be of good cheer; the warfare with one’s self is grand; it gives one plenty of employment, and the divine Principle worketh with you, — and obedience crowns persistent effort with everlasting victory. Every attempt of evil to harm good is futile, and ends in the fiery punishment of the evil-doer.

— from Miscellany, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 118

Final Readings

Seedtime and Harvest

Material and sensual consciousness are mortal. Hence they must, some time and in some way, be reckoned unreal. That time has partially come, or my words would not have been spoken. Jesus has made the way plain, — so plain that all are without excuse who walk not in it; but this way is not the path of physical science, human philosophy, or mystic psychology.

The talent and genius of the centuries have wrongly reckoned. They have not based upon revelation their arguments and conclusions as to the source and resources of being, — its combinations, phenomena, and outcome, — but have built instead upon the sand of human reason. They have not accepted the simple teaching and life of Jesus as the only true solution of the perplexing problem of human existence. Sometimes it is said, by those who fail to understand me, that I monopolize; and this is said because ideas akin to mine have been held by a few spiritual think ers in all ages. So they have, but in a far different form. Healing has gone on continually; yet healing, as I teach it, has not been practised since the days of Christ.

What is the cardinal point of the difference in my metaphysical system? This: that by knowing the unreality of disease, sin, end death, you demonstrate the allness of God. This difference wholly separates my system from all others. The reality of these so-called existences I deny, because they are not to be found in God, and this system is built on Him as the sole cause. It would be difficult to name any previous teachers, save Jesus and his apostles, who have thus taught.

If there be any monopoly in my teaching, it lies in this utter reliance upon the one God, to whom belong all things.

— from Unity of Good, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 9-10

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