Sunday October 11th, 2020 Roundtable

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Morning Prayers

Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessing on every heart in this house. Speak out, O soul! This is the new-born of Spirit, this is His redeemed; this, His beloved. May the kingdom of God within you, — with you alway, — reascending, bear you outward, upward, heavenward.

— from “Dedicatory Sermon” Pulpit and Press by Mary Baker Eddy, page 10

Discussion points

229 — WATCH lest you believe that your work is to make nothing of error, rather than to realize its nothingness, and so you regard your work as a man might who is told to move a mountain of sand merely with a shovel and wheelbarrow. Our work is not to make error nothing; it is to cast out the belief in its reality which we have accepted.

Once Mrs. Eddy expressed this point as follows, in connection with Isaiah 43:2: ”Our work is not to change God’s work, for that is finished and perfect. Neither is it to make error nothing, for it is that already; but to stand (apparently) in the midst of it, unmoved, knowing its nothingness.”

Golden Text — ““Bless the Lord, O my soul: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction.”” — Psalm 103 : 1, 3, 4

Forum post — “Be of good cheer.” by Jeremy from NJ

Ruminate: To chew over again.; to think again and again;

— from 1828 Webster’s Dictionary

Forum post — “To Ruminate” by Lynda from NJ

Forum post — “Trial by Motives and Acts.” by Mike from NY

Forum post — “Trial and Transformation” by Parthens

Article — Death Overcome by Bicknell Young

Song — Be Thou My Vision Performed by Faith, Jared, Bruce, and Craig

Aggressive: Make a strong attempt to win; ready to attack,; making the first attack.

— from 1828 Webster’s Dictionary

Imperative: Commanding; expressive of command;

— from 1828 Webster’s Dictionary

Article — The Illusion of Animal Magnetism by Daniel Jensen

Forum post — “They escaped all safe to land.” by Lynda from NJ

Forum post — “Joy” by Joanne from FL

Click here to play the audio as you read: — Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, Pages 390-393

If you have a pulse you have a purpose.

— Plainfield Roundtable

Article — Gratitude by Herbert W. Eustace

A wise worker once said, “Be so instant in Truth that error is always too late.”

— Sermons and Articles, by Doris White Evans, page 70

Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.

— from Science and Health, 1910, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 393

The snare of the fowler is generally noted for its adaptation. You do not find a fowler setting the same snare for one bird as for another; he knows his bird and he adapts his bait to it. He would be an unwise fowler who should go to work with the same machinery to catch the lark that flies on high as the duck that swims along the stream.

— Charles Spurgeon

Article — “The snare of the fowler.” by Charles Spurgeon

Forum post — “The time for thinkers has come…” by Craig from NJ

Article — “Set Your Affection on Things Above” by Doris White Evans

My brother was a manufacturer; and one day a work- man in his mills, a practical joker, set a man who applied for work, in the overseer’s absence, to pour a bucket of water every ten minutes on the regulator. When my brother returned and saw it, he said to the jester, “You must pay that man.” Some people try to tend folks, as if they should steer the regulator of mankind. God makes us pay for tending the action that He adjusts. The regulator is governed by the principle that makes the machinery work rightly; and because it is thus gov- erned, the folly of tending it is no mere jest.

— from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, page 353

Final Readings

Enjoyed the Bible study this morning, it was the first time tuning in, and the comments were meaty, and inspiring. One commentary from a farmer in New York really stood out and touched my heart, especially as this is harvesting time.

A friend had written some comments based on the inspiration from Hymn 150, referring to the wide harvest field. This led me to share an experience that I was privileged to hear from a practitioner when I seemed to be skimming the surface. She was a farmer and they had crops of potatoes. Their area had had heavy rains, and by the time it came to harvest the field, the potatoes were no good. She had been praying about the situation and felt that her prayers may have been in vain. However, turning to our Father she heard the message, dig deeper! She took this to heart and got to studying more deeply the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and other writings of Mrs. Eddy. This continued for a time. Listening to God, she continued to hear the message, dig deeper! She went to the books again and heard the same message. This time she went to the field and got whatever tool was needed to start digging in the field. She was so grateful for what she discovered. There was a whole complete new crop underneath where there seemed to be a lost one. The digging was both mental and physical. This testimony is a cherished one and positive proof of Science. There is indeed a wide harvest field, and a deep one. Why this sharing? Just led to do it.

— from A Letter Sent to Plainfield Church

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